Pricing & Packages

Low-cost, flat-rate, and no upfront payments!

Other tax companies are very confusing with their pricing, and charge you per tax form as they file your taxes. With us, we are fully transparent with our flat-rate pricing and you will not find a better deal elsewhere!



Up to Two Income Documents

One W-2
Students Only
No Dependents
Must have 1098-T
Basic Deductions
State Returns
Additional Income $25 Each



Up to Three Income Documents

W-2s / 1099s
Single / MFS
Basic Deductions • Credits
Schedules: 1-2, A, B
State Returns
Additional Income $25 Each



Up to Four Income Documents

W-2s / 1099s / Etc
Single / MFS / MFJ / HOH / W
Basic Deductions • Credits
Schedules: 1-3, A-B, D
State Returns
Additional Income $25 Each



Self Employed Income

W-2s / 1099s / Etc
Single / MFS / MFJ / HOH / W
Basic Deductions • Credits
Schedules: 1-3, A-D, SE
One of: Business owner (1 Sch. C)
or Rental Property (1 Sch. E)

Our Services

Tax Preparation

Our talented team of tax professionals will deliver your maximum tax refund.

Financial Planning

Our exceptional team is committed to bringing your finances back in order.

Audits, Reviews & Compilations

Our audit, review and compilation capabilities are a core part of our services.


Retirement Planning

We will guide you with the best strategies to ensure your retirement.


Our accounting services ensure that we stay on top of your cash-flow.


IRS Representation

An IRS audit can be an intimidating and complex process.


Additional Services & Fees

Tax Amendment

Correct errors & inaccuracies filed on your individual tax return. You are entitled to a maximum refund!

$400 – Includes Mailing

Tax Return Amendment

Individual Tax Review

Review prior-years tax returns for any errors, inaccuracies, and then receive wise feedback.


Optional Review Add-on

Individual Tax Strategy

Consultation includes any form of advise, financial guidance, or research for the scheduled hour.


Optional Private Consultation

Service Now, Pay Later

Budget friendly way to pay your tax return. No hidden fees. No late charges. No surprises. Eligibility required.

Administrative Fee

The administrative fee is collected with all tax returns to be submitted to the IRS.


Include Administrative Fee In All Packages

Bank Processing

Our banking partner collects a fee in order to process your tax refunds & pay-out to you via direct deposit.

Starting at $39.95

Included Bank Fee In All Packages

Audit Protection

Random Taxpayers selected by the IRS will be put under review to confirm your docs & income.


Coverage for 3 Years

Include with Silver and Gold Packages

Refund Now

You will be able to get your tax refund within 24-48 hours! No long waits nor lost checks.


Optional Refund Advance